T-Shirt Talk Update
We are back! Updates should be multiple times per week now.

T-Shirt Competitions

Threadless Threadless pretty much is the godfather of t-shirt design competitions. It is a weekly battle with occasional themed contests.Win $2500+ if you are the man.

Design by Humans is growing in popularity and getting a strong following because of their serious prizes: Shirt of the Day $750, Shirt of the Week $1000, Shirt of the Month $1750. Design By Humans

TeeTonic Teetonic has some cool designs coming in. You get £100 if you win and 50p for every tee that TeeTonic sells. Also, there is no theme.

So far its a non-US event, but this Spreadshirt owned company LaFraise is growing in Europe. Get €1,000 for each design printed. LaFraise

Wooshka Wooshka is another new design competition. Shirts are printed in limited edition batches of 500. Winners received $500 cash and a $200 Wooshka gift voucher.

UneeteeOne day, one artist, one cool shirt is their slogan. One weekly winner will bring home $1000 and more if your shirt sells a lot. Uneetee

Other Companies who haven’t bribed me yet to include a logo and description include:,,,,,,,

You can also watch for T-Shirt Competitions at these T-Shirt Contest Blogs:, Compete-tee-tion

Other companies who occassionally have t-shirt competitions include: Zazzle, Cafepress, and InnerTee and T-Shirt Logos.

Current T-Shirt Design Competitions