T-Shirt Talk Update
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Sell T-Shirts

The following companies we have reviewed allow you to sell your own t-shirts and earn a commission off each sale.

United States T-Shirt Companies that let you sell your t-shirt designs

Cafepress Cafepress has been the long time favorite of folks who want to sell t-shirts. Cafepress has an easy interface and a good marketplace. Read a Cafepress Review

Spreadshirt has gained some ground with the updated marketplace making it a great place to open your own t-shirt shop online. Read a Spreadshirt review. Spreadshirt

Zazzle Zazzle is has a large marketplace, no option for creating your own markup. But rumor has it this will change soon. Read a Zazzle Review.

Printfection Printfection is still the new company on the block but has been gaining ground and offers a decent marketplace and opportunities for you to sell t-shirts. Read a Printfection Review

European/UK T-Shirt Companies that let you sell t-shirts

Comboutique allows you to create a store and sell your design on t-shirts. They have a French, German and English version of the site. Comboutique

Shirt City Shirt City also allows you to create and sell t-shirts and has version of the site for the US, Japan and Europe.