T-Shirt Talk Update
We are back! Updates should be multiple times per week now.


New kids on the block Printfection takes a turn at tapping the market of eager designers and entreprenuers who want to sell their designs for hobby or business. We will provide a review of Printfection and talk about its good and bad.

Printfection Brags About Booming Revenue

Printfection posted on their blog today in a discussion that really amounted to bragging about their success in this very volatile economy. As we all know the current economy has…read more →

Printfection Launches Alpha Developer Platform and T-Shirt API

Printfection announced that they are opening their new developer platform and API for private alpha testing. The API will allow developers to make tools for both the creation and distribution…read more →

Printfection API

In the Printfection Forums and on last months Shop Keeper commission checks, Printfection announced that they are looking for people to provide input and maybe test a new API that…read more →