T-Shirt Talk Update
We are back! Updates should be multiple times per week now.


Let’s just say I am addicted to Cafepress. We will be talking about Cafepress news, updates, reviews and at times its alternatives. We will also explore how this company started in a garage to one of the most popular and dominant sites on the internet.

Cafepress Addresses Their Better Business Bureau Record

In a recent post, T-Shirt Talk highlighted 13 t-shirt companies and their Better Business Bureau (BBB) records, which unearthed some issues with the Cafepress service record. The post generated some…read more →

Cafepress Voice – Elected Community Member Council 2008

Cafepress is gearing up for their second Cafepress Voice election later this month. Cafepress Voice members are elected to evaluate new features, services, merchandise and programs. Cafepress is seeking those…read more →