T-Shirt Talk Update
We are back! Updates should be multiple times per week now.


Let’s just say I am addicted to Cafepress. We will be talking about Cafepress news, updates, reviews and at times its alternatives. We will also explore how this company started in a garage to one of the most popular and dominant sites on the internet.

Cafepress Ramping Up Their API in 2013

Cafepress Ramping Up Their API in 2013

Finally! Cafepress is focusing some energy on their API in 2013. They recently sent out a survey to all of their API users to find out what they want to…read more →

T-shirt companies that create multiple websites to fool Google and potential customers

Ready? I don’t have time for all the details yet but here are a few things to get you thinking. There are a number of the large t-shirt companies who…read more →