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How Zazzle Promotes Sellers Designs

In case you ever wondering how Zazzle promotes sellers designs I have a few tidbits for you on the “Today’s Best” and “Featured Designs”.

Today’s Best

Today's Best on Zazzle

Each day Zazzle hand picks 50 items that they think are the best uploads or designs they have found on the site. They even email the person who gets featured with a big congratulations. However, the whole thing is a worthless effort. It is nice for someone to notice that you designed something cool but personally I like to get sales, not just an email. The reality is that Zazzle has a Today’s Best section however it is barely linked up to the rest of the site and no where to be found as a simple link in the header.

Today's Best on Zazzle


On the homepage there is a slider that by default shows the bestsellers. To see the featured products of the day you have to click on it then you have to click again to scroll through and once you get annoyed from having to click to slide through all the designs you can then click the link to go to the page. I just think they could do such a better job of highlighting good art and artists.


Today's Best on Zazzle


Featured Products

Another way that they promote artists is to hand pick designs for a portal whether that is for for a holiday or event. If you have one featured you will probably receive an email like below. What was very strange about this email is that they sent an email at almost 5PM on Thursday night and needed a response by Friday, February 15th, 2013. They request permission but is strange because that should be in their Terms of Service but they also make YOU adjust the commission price if you want it featured. I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t cover this in a Store Owner Agreement that they can change commission rates if they decide to feature your design. Why bother someone to have to go login and adjust a commission rate and then email an approval. Zazzle should be better and finding streamlined solutions for this type of action to feature designs.

Here is the email with the URL removed:

[Good news!  Your product(s) have been selected as a possible product to be featured prominently in our gift center, promotional emails and St. Patty’s day landing pages. This means added visibility for your product(s) and your store. Please be sure to reply to this email letting us know you agree to the below requests. We are awaiting replies so we know which products to feature! Featured Product(s): What does this mean for you?   With your approval, your product would receive a significant increase in traffic through this featured placement on Zazzle.

How does your product get approved?  First, please don’t delete your product!  Second, we would ask that you set your royalty on the product to 10%. That’s it! By setting your royalty to this optimal percentage, we can ensure that our marketing materials are accurate and consistent – plus the customer will get the best price, buy again and again, and tell all their friends.

If you would like to receive this featured placement (and we know you want to!), please email me back by Friday, February 15th, 2013.  I look forward to hearing from you and to working to increase your visibility on Zazzle! Please know that by agreeing to this you agree we may modify the model of your product should we need to. Ex: Your shirt is on a basic American Apparel shirt, we may change to a ladies pink shirt. This is very rare and we will let you know if we do it.

Thanks! The Zazzle Team

The Zazzle Team


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