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Cafepress Ramping Up Their API in 2013

Finally! Cafepress is focusing some energy on their API in 2013. They recently sent out a survey to all of their API users to find out what they want to use the API for as well as what they like and don’t like about the API. My personal previous attempts to use the API were met with frustration due to bugs, lack of documentation, and lack of support of the API team. It always seemed like a side project for them that really never got attention so hopefully this year things will change. If you visit the Cafepress API dev forums you will see very very little action for the past few years.


Even simple pages like documentation link to bad pages.


Cafepress API

I understand they have been busy acquiring companies and enjoying being a traded company but someone really needs to be brought onto the Cafepress team who pays attention to details. Spreadshirt’s API launched with a bangĀ  by having contests and really engaging the community and committing to making the API part of their business model. I don’t know for sure but Spreadshirt does seem to have quite a few active users and folks creating apps based on the API.


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