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T-shirt companies that create multiple websites to fool Google and potential customers

Ready? I don’t have time for all the details yet but here are a few things to get you thinking. There are a number of the large t-shirt companies who have tried to further dominate the custom t-shirt market by creating multiple websites at the same time hiding the real owner of the site. There are no extra features or any angle on these additional sites, they are just created purely to try and take one more spot in the highly desired top 10 of Google. Basically these companies are attempting to fool Google and potential customers into thinking these additional websites are independent businesses but in fact are owned by a larger company. = which owns Logosportswear. The site is now ranking quite well for search terms around “custom t-shirts”.. Cafepress is clearly trying to take more of the custom t-shirt market. First by buying LogoSportswear and then creating ANOTHER custom t-shirt site with a high priced domain name and then Cafepress HIDES the ownership details. The ownership can be found but a regular visitor of the website probably would never know. So basically they are trying to flood custom t-shirt results with different websites. (used to be SonicShack) is owned It wasn’t a bad idea to try and rank two websites in the competitive custom t-shirt market I don’t think Google would like it if they figured it out given it is basically the exact same service just fooling customers to think they are different companies. Shirt Magic and Sonic Shack were also punished this year with a giant drop in rankings by Google for shady link building/profiles. It is my theory that SonicShack domain got tarnished so they decided to reopen under a new domain tshirtshack.

Bridal Party Tees is owned by This isn’t a secret that they branched out their companies a few years ago which is fine to target different markets. However, they do pay for ads on Google for the same keywords to try and dominate the results which is very much against Google terms of service.

What do you think? Is this okay? Just business? Is there opportunity for the smaller companies to compete with the larger companies with this type of aggressive play?

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  1. Fernando · October 3, 2012

    Fair play please… Let us grow

  2. T-Shirt Talk · October 3, 2012

    More is happening with Cafepress, they are not just creating custom t-shirt sites but actually creating websites with their OWN t-shirt designs based on ideas of Cafepress user designs and selling them on sites under a different brand.


    More details later.

  3. swagonline · January 12, 2013

    it is obvious that it is almost impossible to find a place among its big business. By cons with a good dose of personality and authenticity, it is not impossible in the field of Successful referencement google. I myself even a small t-shirt company on google, and what I see from my experience is that it must be more patient and be different against his big structures.

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