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Large T-Shirt Company Caught Using Fake Google Author Profile

There once was a rapidly growing t-shirt company….who was fortunate enough to be in the top 10 results for the majority of searches in Google for “custom t-shirts”. They followed trends and recognized the importance of Google+ and Google Author. So all of their “authority” articles about t-shirts have the author tag to someone named Thomas Jefferson.

Anything look strange to you in that profile? There are lots of Thomas Jefferson’s right? Racially ambiguous Thomas Jefferson? Hmm, I am not sure about that. Well, let’s read his bio.

Well, he seems normal enough and I do respect someone who enjoys a little Jared Diamond now and again. But getting back to the picture it just looks wrong. What t-shirt writer sits on a boat?? Well, in about 5 minutes thanks for reverse image search below you can see what I uncovered. It is an image used from a boating website.

Hmm, okay, so its obviously a fake image. But who is that person. Those dimples look awfully familiar…could they be…

But what about the rest of the face? Could it be the owner of a top 10 t-shirt company? See for yourself.

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  1. Poeticah · June 10, 2012

    Wow! How interesting! Nothing like using the web for some cool detective work.

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