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Ultimate T-Shirt Guide by You Design It

Just wanted to share a nifty guide created by The guide includes a brief history of t-shirts from the 1800s to present, the stages in the manufacturing of t-shirts, materials (i.e cotton, 50/50 blends), styles (including weights and modifications), and printing of t-shirts using screen printing, digital printing and embroidery.

Overall the guide is great but could be more detailed. My guess is the audience is a casual t-shirt wearer rather than for someone in the industry. I would like to see more detailed explanations of things like the actual difference between unisex and ladies t-shirts. Simply stating that a more feminine cut isn’t terribly insightful. I would really like to know what exactly the difference is between those shirts (i.e. 25% more fabric around the breast area…I have no idea).

There is no way to leave comments below the t-shirt guide so head over to the You Design It blog to leave your comments/suggestions/feedback about the t-shirt guide.

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