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More T-Shirt Site Plagiarism: Shirt Magic vs. CustomInk

There is no doubt that “custom t-shirts”, “t-shirts” and variations of these words are highly competitive industries. It is clear that many businesses are willing to do whatever it takes to get an edge. Some choose black hat seo link building while others just choose to copy others text and/or t-shirt designs. On custom t-shirt talk we have reported a few other incidents including Nerdy Shirts blatantly copying Busted Tees as well as other legal battles between Customized Girl and Custom Glam Girl. I discovered this yesterday when checking out Shirt Magic. As you can see below on their homepage they posted the following text

Opps, we goofed. We mistakenly used some designs and text from, another t-shirt company. We appologize and have take corrective action

They ACTUALLY link to Customink Oh and Shirt Magic “appologized”, rather than “apologized” to make it even funnier.

Shirt Magic

What do you think about this type of forced public humiliation punishment of Shirt Magic rather than legal action on behalf of Custom Ink? What should be done when someone copies your t-shirt designs or site text?

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  1. Custom t shirt design · April 11, 2012

    yaa, you are right, Today many businesses are willing to do whatever it takes to get an edge Because Custom T-Shirts a lot of exposure for you business and is an easy way to get your brand name out and about into the public arena.

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