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Threadless Now Using Environmentally Friendly & Recyclable Shipping Bags

Threadless announced that they are now shipping their t-shirts in environmentally friendly shipping bags made from 25% recycled materials and they are recyclable.

The bags also have a very creative design that make it appear as if the bag is actually a folded shirt so the front just shows the collar and top shoulder part of the shirt. The back of the bag shows the back of what a folded t-shirt would look like.

For more information check out the Threadless blog. Once I receive one of the new bags I will add it to my list of the World’s Greatest T-Shirt Packaging.

Threadless Bags

You can also check out a video of the guys making a t-shirt out of the shipping bag.

DIY Threadless Shipping Bag Tee Shirt from on Vimeo.


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