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Printfection Brags About Booming Revenue

Printfection posted on their blog today in a discussion that really amounted to bragging about their success in this very volatile economy. As we all know the current economy has left many companies and families struggling to make it to 2009. It is great to hear that in these troubled times that people are doing good but why boast? The post is centered around the POD world vs non-POD world and is suggesting that the POD industry is “rapidly gaining ground winning over new customers.“. Success is great and everyone loves a good story of rags to riches but when everyone is down is it appropriate to brag?

I find it interesting that they claim knowledge over all of the POD world. Previous statements have suggested that Printfection does $1-2 million a year which is great but compared to the larger players its really a drop in the POD bucket. I have often wondered at what size does your business have to be (in any industry) to be able to gauge how a particular industry is doing. Is it at 1, 5, 50, 100, 500 million a year.

I agree that the t-shirt business and POD is probably not hit as hard as other industries because our products are inexpensive and a reasonable alternative to expensive gifts. I can imagine that business is booming for most POD companies but I have wondered if at some point people perceive a $20 personalized t-shirt as too much. While I am not a die hard or regular shopper (or supporter) at Walmart I did have a recent experience that did shock me. Walmart was selling a wide variety of t-shirts for sale at $5-8 and it is nearly impossible to find a shirt for less than $15 (not even including shipping) at Cafepress, Zazzle or Printfection. Will people give up having a unique t-shirt to save a few bucks?

I believe it is the uniqueness that really makes a difference in what people are willing to spend for a t-shirt or other product. I remember as a kid picking out clothes at Mervyns and then showing up at school only to find out that one or more kids had the same clothes and t-shirts. It was awkward and frustrating but with today’s POD technology there is no reason to ever show up to school, work, or life wearing something someone else is wearing. People want to be unique and spending a few extra bucks for a different and fun shirt is worth it.

This is a random rant on my part but in today’s tough times something about the Printfection post just rubbed me the wrong way. I am sure their intentions were good talking about how it is important to grow and change as a company to be successful (AKA: do print on demand vs. screenprinting) but the underlying message was that they are doing well even when the rest of the country is struggling just comes across a little boasty to me.

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  1. Caza Creations · December 20, 2008

    I subscribe to Printfection’s blog as well as have a shop there and I must admit that I too found their latest post to be somewhat arrogant and gloating. It’s almost as if there saying to the rest of the world, “sucks to be you, but we’re doing alright!”

    I think if they were to further promote their growing success, they should probably think of a better way to celebrate their profitability, maybe next time not sound so much like a**holes. Afterall, nobody liked Mr. Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life and that’s exactly how they come across. Well, I have news for you Printfection, this isn’t Pottersville.

  2. Steve Vera · December 23, 2008

    Wow! This is news to me! Perhaps they are just bluffing and not really telling the truth? Bluffing can sometimes be a strong marketing ploy.

    Steve :~)

  3. Greenthumb · March 21, 2009

    I think big companies are putting profits before people. I think as a company you have to think about your corporate social responsibility.

  4. Thomas Veil · May 27, 2009

    Well, if they weren’t doing very well before, they probably will be now, since Printfection (and Zazzle and Spreadshirt) are exquisitely positioned to take advantage of Cafepress’s latest blunders. Shopkeepers are, if not exactly leaving CP, at least leaving the marketplace and/or opening stores at CP’s competitors. So I’m sure Printfection can expect its own marketplace to grow dramatically in the months to come. More choices for consumers should mean more sales.

  5. Jeez... · June 25, 2009

    I think they changed the article, because I don’t see any of what you’re talking about in that link…they’re stating that the t-shirt industry is good and that people can’t seem to put their credit cards away, even in a recession. This is exactly what I’ve been seeing at my shirt business as well, it’s now 6 months after the blog post your referring to, and our business is booming like never before.

    Perhaps what’s rubbing you the wrong has more to do with you, than it does with them…maybe.

  6. Custom T Shirts · September 25, 2009

    The important question is are they turning out quality product with that gross sales figure?

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