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Cafepress Updates Marketplace – Zoom Feature Threatens Image Security

Cafepress just updated their marketplace to allow users to view enlarged images while browsing the marketplace without having to click the product/image. A small orange magnifying glass was added to each image within the marketplace. When you click the button it shows you up to a 400×400 detailed view of the image. The zoom feature is great but I can see a lot of potential issues with image theft. The enlarged images are quite clear and large at 400×400 with NO overlay to prevent theft. While you can’t save the image it still allows for users to print screen the images.

Below is a view of the marketplace with the zoom feature and the enlarged “Captain Obvious” design.

Shopkeepers have the option to show the overlay for the design detail page but currently not on the marketplace zoom. To show how this might be an issue I did a print screen of the captain obvious design, cropped it to be just the image and I uploaded it to Cafepress to see what what an image of that size might look like on products. I didn’t resize or enhance the image, just uploaded it from a computer screenshot. Below is what the image of the design on a few products.

As you can see it is possible to create products that look like they are high resolution and ready to purchase. As someone who has experienced finding my Cafepress images taken and sold with low resolution copies on eBay, Zazzle or other sites the concern is real and Cafepress should add the sample overlay asap.


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  1. Al · August 14, 2008

    It’s been nearly a month since your last post and the solution to this issue appeared around the same time as the post. We readers deserve more. LOL.

  2. T-Shirt Talk · August 14, 2008

    It was actually over 24 hours after the original feature was added (and my post) that the overlay was added. Not a long time in the big picture but it was enough for someone to take images if they were so devious.

    About my lack of posts…unfortunately there have been some things that have kept me from posting over the past month. I have no shortage of ideas just time. The reality is blogging is more of a community service than something that pays the mortgage so at times the posts might be light. Things have settled down so the posts should be increasing again. 🙂


  3. Al · August 14, 2008

    If they are devious enough they could get them anyway. The images were already available and probably still are sans watermark. I’ve seen affiliates display large versions of my images. I remember complaining about it.

    Anyway, looking forward to more posts.

  4. derek · October 3, 2008

    Thanks for the update Matt…keep em coming…

  5. t-shirt-printer · June 12, 2009

    If the images are not heavily watermarked they can be “cloned” to clean them up,watermarks have their limitations too.

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