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The World’s Best T-Shirt Packaging – Ongoing Review

I thought it would be fun to do an ongoing t-shirt packaging review of the best t-shirt packages in the world. As I discover new packages or if t-shirt talk readers post comments of companies packaging I should check out I will edit the post to highlight/reorder the best t-shirt packaging. This post will cover just the “outside” packaging and hopefully later this week I will post one for “inside” presentation that would include any additional packaging of the actual shirt and other included goodies. For now I have not included those companies who use the standard white bags with a company sticker but will consider adding some at a later date. What would a “world’s best list” be without creating a numbered list. If you believe that some of these are out of order let me know why as comments and I will consider your feedback.

1. Design By Humans

Design by Humans definitely has a wow factor with full-bleed dropout/printing on a clear bag. On one side the bag is see through in parts allowing the customer (and others) to see the shirt design before the packaging is even opened. The other side of the bag uses a metallic shiny style (not sure what it is called). The bag has a very large design logo, the company name and web site address which is great for the branding. The see through bag really is fun unless you were buying someone a gift or bought a design that was sensitive/offensive/adult in nature.

2. Oddica

Oddica had the most artistic bag. It has a full-bleed print with the Oddica logo being very visible in white over a maroon header. The main part of the bag has one of the Oddica designs for sale called “Bluebird Migrane” which has the design title and artist name. The back of the bag has two edges in the maroon with the light blue in the middle along with an Oddica logo and another t-shirt design called “Sheltered” along with the artists name. The Oddica bag is the most artistic and intriguing with the full bleed multi color design.

3. Spreadshirt

The Spreadshirt shipping bag has very subtle unrecognizable pattern at first glance but if you look closely you will see a repeating pattern of mini t-shirts. It isn’t strong in branding but is unique and fun to find in your mailbox.

4. Shirt.woot

Shirt.Woot is the most fun bag with a bunch of little characters wearing t-shirts across one side of the bag. It also has the shirt.woot logo in white surrounded by a black background. This bag is sure to get the attention of the mailman or the person opening the bag. The other side of the bag is all white with no print.

5. Threadless

The Threadless bag is a simple blue bag with the Threadless logo and url addreses for and The bag also has a shopping cart character with a talk bubble with the text “You’re awesome and this pack is proof!” The back side of the bag is mostly blue with a white outline.

6. Cafepress

Cafepress uses a few simple types of packaging for t-shirts that are both paper and plastic. They have the cafepress logo with the Cafepress trademarked flying green star that takes up a lot of the packaging. The packaging is fairly conservative but does a good job of branding. [This is one image that isn’t mine because I have not received a Cafepress t-shirt in their small packaging in quite some time so it is being borrowed from Kimiskustoms until I get my own image.]

7. Zazzle

The bag is all dark grey metallic and if you look close you can see a relatively small Zazzle logo with the phrase “infinite one of-a-kind-ness”. When the bag was in my mailbox it got my attention but the logo was actually less apparent in person than in the photo. While I really like the bag the logo just doesn’t pop off the bag.

8. YOUR BAG HERE – If your t-shirt company uses awesome bags or if you know of one who does please let us know as a comment to this post. Thanks!

Written by T-Shirt Talk


  1. Al · June 9, 2008

    Another great post but I think Zazzle have updated their bags and they look very very good. There is an image on the blog, but it is a little small. Next time I get one I will take a pic and send it to you.

  2. T-Shirt Talk · June 9, 2008

    Hi Al,

    I think that is the same bag in my post because I just received that package on Saturday. The pic on their blog makes it look more gold than it really is and mine makes it look more gray than it really is. Also, the logo in my picture is way more visible than in the bag in person. Maybe I will try and take another pic of it to get the right color.


  3. Al · June 9, 2008

    Their pic makes it look very smooth too whereas it looks crumpled in your post. Oh well. I should be getting a package from Uneetee soon though. I’ll send you an image when I do.

  4. T-Shirt Talk · June 9, 2008

    I have a Uneetee review order coming soon. As far as their shipping goes they just uses standard white shipping bags.

  5. Joel Bush · June 9, 2008

    Imho, you gotta check out the whole purchase experience of Despair, Inc. The have great t-shirt bags, album-cover-level shippers, even custom big boxes for large orders. They bring the rock.

  6. andy · June 9, 2008

    There’s a company in Australia too. Dang what is there name!!! Oh well can’t remember. I think Design by Humans is the best and the very first and then eeryone seemed to copy them. Oddica and Threadless have more designs than what you are showing. . And Bountee and Ten Bills have shipped me some cool stuff but I threw it away.

  7. Steve Vera · June 9, 2008


    My favorite is the Oddica bag! How wonderful that we have so many cool companies giving folks the chance to be creative!

  8. dutch schultz · June 11, 2008

    I am very glad you decided to do this post. I have wondered what the competition was doing and did not want to buy a shirt from everyone to find out. I love what design by humans is doing and the branding they display is off the chain. Kudos to them, and Oddica is very nice as well, the rest are above average but those top two were amazing, if you can call a plastic bag amazing.

  9. Al · June 11, 2008

    Yep, you are right. My order arrived in a pretty crappy looking white bag. I love my t-shirt though.

  10. T-Shirt Talk · June 13, 2008


    Bountee and Ten Bills do not use special packaging, just USPS bags.


  11. James Yorke · June 18, 2008

    Great blog post. Oddica is definitely my favourite.

  12. Filo · June 20, 2008

    what do you think about the black box as t-shirt container?

    you can see the box picture browsing the lightbox (it’s the last one).

  13. Jana Eggers · June 26, 2008

    Great idea for a post! It is fun to see how different shirts are delivered. Our team (Spreadshirt) regularly brings in packaging to check out. Next to me right now, I have a hang tag from the company to show the team.

    Just so folks know… you noted that our “branding” isn’t strong. Spreadshirt’s branding is actually light on purpose. It is a “powered by” branding. We are a shop platform rather than direct, like some of the other folks (Designbyhuman, Oddica, Threadless, and shirt.woot!).

    For our partners, their brand is the “label” behind the shirt, and we work not to compete with that. For Premium Partners, they addtheir own logo where the Spreadshirt thumbprint and text are in your photo.

    Thanks again for the post! Great idea.

  14. Rangga · June 26, 2008

    the title “The World’s Best T-Shirt Packaging” is too exaggerating… anyway, it’s nice review

  15. A · June 29, 2008

    This is a good article. There are a few other fulfillment services out there that you should do too like PF, PM etc

  16. T-Shirt Talk · July 1, 2008


    Thanks for your response. Makes sense you would want to go light on the branding for your packaging. It is nice packaging and effective for your model of allowing people to develop their own brand or “label”.


    I disagree about the title being too exaggerating since I am willing to review any t-shirt companies packaging from around the world. So until others are found these are the “world’s best”. 🙂


    There are others but if they don’t use custom packaging its not worth the time or money for this review. If you know of a company that uses unique packaging please let me know.


  17. Tom Schavo · July 2, 2008

    This is unique. Dint know clothes were being packed this way. Cool, well, atleast as some say here, they are best packaging.

  18. Al · July 5, 2008

    I found new packaging that you might be interested in. You can see it here. I’ll send you higher res images if you need them.

  19. Zazzle T-Shirt Review - $43.91 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt · July 5, 2008

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  20. Jon · July 8, 2008

    Hey Everyone,
    I stumbled across this site/review and thought it was pretty awesome! We have some pretty cool bags that we ship our smaller products in. How can I display them on this page? Besides posting a URL to a pic of the bag, is there an email address where I can send the actual pictures to?

    Jon (Bastard & Friends)

  21. threadless blog · November 13, 2008

    haha nice post,
    till now I got only designbyhumans and threadless packages..
    I have to say that Threadless was better 🙂

  22. Fabrica · November 23, 2008

    Hey, your review is pretty neat! I use only small cardboard boxes for now but i’ll switch to plastic bags in a few months. I think i will use cafepress style at the most, because the postal service here has nasty rules..

  23. wale lordson · December 3, 2008

    i like the concept as in polythene materials with the see through nature,which helps to give an anxiety feeling for expecting shopers,but the nature of polythene will fing it hard to refuse the stress especially from shipping befor getting to shoppers although its economical as a clothing manufacturer.

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  25. Custom T-Shirts · November 18, 2009


    Now that’s the superb way to get feedback for T-Shirt Packaging. In my opinion, Oddica is simply superb, as they have crafted a wonderful concept in packaging. Simply, a WOW factor. Rest all are about average…

  26. Beardsman · October 12, 2010

    Can anyone recommend a wholesaler of mailer bags? I’ve been looking into this, but cant find a single link.


  27. Barrier Zipper Pouches as Mailing Bags | The Plus Packaging Blog · January 9, 2012

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  28. TheMountain · February 15, 2012

    We have a pretty kick ass t-shirt package, we made specifically for stores without the real estate/ wall and shelf space to sell shirts. We get around 140 shirts into a 2×2′ footprint. If you want to see a sample, let me know, I’ll send you out a t-shirt box. They don’t go through the mail, they are POP



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