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Document Your Company History With T-Shirts – Mozilla History on 53 T-Shirts

Many companies release t-shirts for product releases, events, or memorable occasions and over the years the number of t-shirts really adds up. But what usually happens to company shirts is that they get worn to gym or to do yard work and get to rag status and soon become a distant memory. But John Slater, the Creative Director at Mozilla has compiled 53 Mozilla t-shirts including a few Netscape t-shirts for context and posted them on Flickr. According to John this will be a work in progress and hopes others will send him images of any of the missing t-shirts.

Check out John’s blog at Into the Fuzz or Flickr for more info.

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  1. John Slater · June 6, 2008

    Thanks for the link. I’m definitely looking for shirts that I’ve missed (I know there are a lot), so email me if you have one. Also, I’ve got an updated collage photo here (am up to 64 photos now):

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