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Wooshka T-Shirt Order Review

Many of you now know Wooshka from their $1 t-shirt sale but for those of you who don’t they are a Threadless t-shirt design competition style clone in Australia. Users can submit a t-shirt design and the community can score your design and if your design is selected for print then you will receive $500 and 200 Street Crew credits that can be used to buy Wooshka t-shirts.

Honestly, I wasn’t overly excited by the current design inventory of nine shirts with half of them being for women but I really wanted to check out their printing and service. There are so many design competitions sites and soo many t-shirt designs out there it really is hard to have designs that truly shine and are rise above the rest. Every single t-shirt design competition site seems to have the same random artistic images. I guess I would just like to see more designs that really are different from one site to the next. But everyone has different tastes so you can go check the Wooshka designs yourself.

The Wooshka site itself is quite attractive with the dark background and the bright logo with color splatters. It is easy to navigate and the design detail pages make it easy to see the design detail and the shirt on various models or of course buy the shirt. I am all for doing promotions and the $1 deal was a very good deal to attract buyers what they really need to do is have promotions to attract designers. Designers are the backbone to this type of t-shirt competition web site (especially when getting started).

The t-shirts at Wooshka are normally about $20 which is about the norm for this type of shirt and what is amazing is that even though Wooshka is in Australia the shipping to the US was just $5. I received my first Woohska package a few days ago and it was a standard polybag with a Wooshka logo return address and a sticker on the white bag. Inside the shipping bag the t-shirt was wrapped in another branded plastic bag with the Wooshka logo and the phrase “This shirt has just 499 brothers & sisters worldwide”.

The shirt I chose was the “I (heart) Ketchup“. The shirt is a random doodle of characters and images and from what I can tell has no direct connection to a love for ketchup.

The shirt itself was REALLY soft and nice. I am not sure what the brand of the shirt because there is only a size tag and a Wooshka label printed on the inside of the neckline. On the left arm there is another dark tag on the outside of the shirt with a wooshka label. I am all for branding but I have to admit I was overwhelmed by the amount of branding starting with the packaging, to the inside bag, to the shirt, to the other products that were included. On a white shirt a dark shirt label is very obvious and to me it is distracting. Personally I don’t like walking around advertising people’s company names and I really could do without the label on the arm.

As for the design the printing was fine but I felt like the preview was not an accurate representation of what I received. The graphic on the site appears to be a one color drawing but in fact it was a three color drawing giving the effect of motion or blur. From a distance the shirt actually looks like it is printed blurry but in fact its the artwork. That is fine to do but I think it should show on the preview.

The package also included a few Wooshka stickers and a lanyard as seen below.

In summary, the shirt itself was quite nice, the printing met expectations, the price with shipping from Australia was reasonable, but I felt the experience was over-branded and that particular shirt could be better represented in the web preview. Wooshka is still new and their success will really depend on whether they can successfully build a dedicated community who is eager to design, rate and buy t-shirts that are unique. Visit Wooshka for for more information


Written by T-Shirt Talk


  1. Andy · June 5, 2008

    Great review, Wooshka seem to be doing a lot of things right, hopefully the $1 sale got them enough attention to be a big player in the design competition world.

  2. Al · June 5, 2008

    Great review. Very thorough and I think they could learn from reading it. Looking forward to more reviews like this one. I can also learn from them.

  3. Eden · June 10, 2008

    Wow,as Andy and Al said…excellent review. Would love to hear your thoughts on how the shirt fit. Does it tend to run a bit small like AA tees or are they pretty standard?

    ~If you don’t mind, please reply via e-mail as well as your comment system doesn’t allow me to set notifications for your response.


  4. kip · July 1, 2008

    Calibrate your monitor i see the 3 colors fine.

  5. T-Shirt Talk · July 1, 2008


    I tried adjusting my monitors settings and it made no difference. My guess is that its not just me. T-Shirt companies need to factor varying monitor settings and try and show the most accurate image as possible. This particular image is not accurate under any setting.


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