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CNN Headlines on T-Shirts – Example of the Spreadshirt API

CNN T-shirt

CNN launched a tool today thats enables users to purchase recent news article titles on t-shirts. You can sort results by title or date added but you better hurry because they are only available as long as the article is featured as latest news on CNN. Click on a title and you will be able to see the phrase on three different American Apparel shirts (grey, black or white). The shirts are priced at a competitive $15. When you click on “Get this shirt” there is a short loading script and you are then transfered to the CNN spreadshirt shopping cart. After you buy the shirt you can see “Share on Facebook” links and post the code into your profile. Spreadshirt made a great deal and it is a nice example of a t-shirt API.

Check out all the available t-shirts at CNN and you can read reviews of the system over on Spreadshirt CEO Jana Eggers Blog.

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