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Cafepress Addresses Their Better Business Bureau Record

In a recent post, T-Shirt Talk highlighted 13 t-shirt companies and their Better Business Bureau (BBB) records, which unearthed some issues with the Cafepress service record. The post generated some buzz in the t-shirt world and as a result Cafepress was made aware of their outstanding complaints at the BBB.

Last Friday, Cafepress responded on their blog about their “unsatisfactory” BBB rating. Cafepress stated that they pride themselves in customer service and that it was an oversight in their processes for handing BBB complaints. Cafepress also stated that they have as of now responded to ALL of the BBB complaints to potentially resolve any outstanding issues. I am glad to see that they took swift action to fix the outstanding complaints, set up a process to deal with future complaints, and also the fact they were open enough to explain what happened.

Check out the full response on the Cafepress Blog


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  1. Eric Sheeran · March 21, 2011

    Attempted to make an order with Cafe Press, they got my
    order wrong, so I had to call back to cancel the order.
    Attempted to reorder and they got that wrong, had to call
    back and cancel the order, thus freezing my credit card
    until this hellish mess gets cleared up in 3 to 5 days.
    Not good business practice to upset their customers !!!
    How can these people stay in business ? They can’t even
    take a simple Phone order, pathetic.

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