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Spreadtags – Browse 160,000 Design Tags from the Spreadshirt Marketplace


A spreadshirter named Jonas almost took down Spreadshirt while trying to build this tool from the Spreadshirt European and US marketplace. Spreadtags lets you browse designs by tags to find various products in the marketplace. According to Spreadshirt UK, the tool features over 160,000 tags. The number of designs for each tag are shown and the more designs the more color that highlights the tag. It is great someone did something to be able to search through the marketplace.

Last October we did a Spreadshirt Marketplace review of their semi-functional marketplace that had a live but broken search function. Since then Spreadshirt decided to simply remove the search function and force potential customers to simply browse the marketplace page after page until they found what they might be looking for. It is classic that some guy created a working search function in one night and Spreadshirt employees were unable to come up with their own working search feature over the course of a year or two. According to the same post Spreadshirt did recently add a search function within the product designer but no word when it will make its way to the Spreadshirt Marketplace.

Checkout the European Spreadtag and US Spreadtag.


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