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Cafepress Voice – Elected Community Member Council 2008

Cafepress Voice

Cafepress is gearing up for their second Cafepress Voice election later this month. Cafepress Voice members are elected to evaluate new features, services, merchandise and programs. Cafepress is seeking those members who are ready to be active in the community, work well with others and successfully represent the needs of the larger group of Cafepress members.

So what will you really be working on if you are elected to be a Cafepress Voice member? Recent Cafepress Voice contributions included taking into consideration input on how to improve rolled apparel, image positioning on products, and sticker quality. These are just a few examples but there have been other contributions among the three Cafepress Voice groups (Shop Management, Merchandise, and Quality) highlighted on the Cafepress Voice page on Cafepress.

To be an elected member you must first nominate yourself by sending a message to with a paragraph that sells yourself. Nominations start now and are due on April 8, 2008. For more info check out the Cafepress blog.


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  1. Steve Vera · April 8, 2008

    I am a Cafe Press shop owner. It is great that the Cafe Press website has a community area. I hope that the elected voice members will come up with great ways to improve Cafe Press.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t taken advantage of the features on the Cafe Press community section yet! It’s high time that I start exploring this further!

    Thanks t-shirttalk for this timely information!!!

    Steve :~)

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