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April Fool’s Day in the T-Shirt World – Cafepress Dating Service & Threadless $5 T-Shirts

Unfortunately there was very little action in the t-shirt world on today April Fool’s Day. I might have missed it but from what I can tell there was a sale at Threadless and an amusing email sent by Cafepress and that is about it.

As Threadless leaked in their “Top Secret Meeting” they would be selling $5 t-shirts for April Fool’s Day. However, there are very few designs available in men sizes. Threadless also released designs they call “foolishly under-scored and over-looked” designs for $15. Go check out the $5 t-shirts.

Cafepress was the only company to really try and have fun today on this very strange holiday of pranks, tricks, and deception. Here is the email sent by Cafepress informing members that they have launched a new dating service.

Cafepress Dating Service
Cafepress Testimonials


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  1. Rangga · April 3, 2008

    I don’t know if Threadless $5 sale has something to do with april fool’s, I think they just want to sell those leftover

  2. T-Shirt Talk · April 3, 2008

    I agree that it had nothing to do with fooling but it was on april fool’s day. 🙂

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