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Interview with Founder of by

T-Shirt Island did a great interview with Kevin Stecko who is the Founder of to help them celebrate their 8th year in business.

80s Tees

Stecko discusses their expanding product line and some historical insight into the early years of the company. 80sTees is a great success story. While there are no public sales figures they have 16 full time and 10 part time employees and a 12,000 sq foot space.

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80stees T-Shirt Island

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  1. derek · October 3, 2008

    i love the shirts…80’s tees rocks!

  2. ASP · March 16, 2010

    How do these guys do it? are these not licensed graphics? they must be spending a ton of $$$ on each license. I would love to know their business model. anyone got thoughts???

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