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Threadless Tee-V (TV) Episode #1 – Spring Cleaning

Threadless announced it will be releasing weekly videos. In Threadless’ words “we will showcase the random awesomeness that is always taking place in Threadless land. Tune in for the priceless side splitting scoop on your favorite tee shirt company! Watch closely because we’ll be springing special giveaways and promotions on ya when you least expect it.” Whether or not Threadless will deliver on the weekly random awesomeness is still to be determined. I am sure making videos sounds fun but I am sure it takes quite a bit of work to make videos that will entertain the masses. Anyway, check out the first episode of Threadless Tee-V.

Episode One: Spring Cleaning from on Vimeo.

For more crazy videos visit Threadless on Vimeo.


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