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Threadless Bestee Awards Ceremony Video – Winners Announced

The Threadless Bestee winners were announced today. The Bestees are awards given out to Threadless community members for design and other contributions such as best blogger, gallery photo, and design title. Bestees winners received not only a cash prize but also a Bestee the elephant trophy featuring a large wood arch base and a silver looking elephant. Anyone who sees this on your mantle will think you have poor taste in art but hey, you will know that you are a winner.

Bestee Trophy

Bestees video is pretty funny and weird and it proves that Threadless staff is as strange as some of their t-shirts.

Threadless Bestee Awards Recap from cshimala on Vimeo.

Here are the top ($10,000) winners of the 2007 Bestee awards.

Design of the Year Peoples Choice
Design of the Year Design of the Year (Peoples Choice)
Designer of the Year Most Printed
Designer of the Year Most Printed Designer
Groundbreaking design  
Groundbreaking Design  

Check out the rest of the awards and winners at Threadless.


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