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Shirt.Woot T-Shirt Sales Statistics

As I mentioned a few days ago, Woot launched in July of 2007 as was an overnight success. Shirt.woot sells a different limited edition t-shirt based on user submissions each day and keeps the price low at just $10 with free shipping. Since its inception less than a year ago the company has sold 250,000 shirts designed by 128 different artists. Artists have received over $170,000 in commissions for their submissions.

Here is a breakdown of where most of the shirts have been sent. The redder the area the higher the ratio of shirts have been sent to that area.

Shirt.woot sales

The top selling designs have sold between 2400-4400 each. Five times the shirt sold out in less than 8 minutes and for the design Dead Heat, the t-shirts sold out in 138 seconds.

Shirt Woot Sales

Read more about Woot statistics at Woot Blog.

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  1. Ultras · April 11, 2008

    I really like Woot.shirt business. They do a big work. Thanks for posting.

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