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Cafepress adds New Election Products- Lapel Stickers and Banners

Cafepress recently announced the addition of two new products just in time for the 2008 elections. I know they aren’t t-shirts but one of them goes great on a t-shirt. The first is a 3″ lapel sticker. The lapel stickers come in packs of 48 for a base price of $24.99. They are made out of matte paper and have an adhesive backing.

New Cafepress products

The second product is a 44″ X 30″ banner that is a 13oz flexible vinyl material that is weather-resistant and has sealed edges. You can hang your new banner by four metal grommets. The base price of the banner will be $40.99.

For more information on the new products check out the Cafepress announcement.


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