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Video of Inside the Threadless Office

I love videos that show inside the offices of t-shirt companies! Here is a video made by Somewhat Frank who visited the Chicago-based skinnyCorp headquarters last week and took this video on his tour. Inside the Threadless empire you will see graffiti walls, an airstream trailer and tons of crap everywhere. There is a view of the Threadless stock shelves, t-shirts ready to get shipped out and other bizarre stuff in the Threadless office. The video also includes brief interviews from different departments including the “go to man”.

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  1. Frank · February 25, 2008

    I had a great time touring skinnyCorp. I am glad you liked watching the video. 😉

  2. Steve Vera · March 2, 2008

    Cool! It would have been nice to see some of the actual t-shirt printing process. It would have also been nice to see some of their “so called” great designs. Seeing how a product is made and the final product would have been nice!

    I don’t know much about Threadless out of the Chicago area. Supposedly, they send money to winners of t-shirt design contests?

    Steve :~)

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