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Where do all of the Losing Team T-Shirts Go?

Any NFL team in the Playoffs or Super Bowl needs to stock up on t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats for after the big game with text like “New England Patriots Super bowl Champions” and “19-0”. But what happens to all that merchandise if your team loses?

Well, in the case of the Super bowl this year the losing teams t-shirts (and losing playoff teams) were donated to World Vision who works to improve the lives of children in over 100 countries. World Vision has been giving away the losing team/misprinted products since 1994.

World Vision

This years misprinted t-shirts will be donated in Nicaragua, Romania, and several other countries. The value of these t-shirts being donated is millions of dollars. These t-shirts will be the first time many folks have ever owned new clothes. In many of the countries food is the number one priority and warm clothes are a luxury so these donations really make a difference and spread the NFL brand to remote parts of the world.

Read more at World Vision (1, 2, 3)

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  1. Justin Sailor · February 28, 2008

    This is amazing! I wish I had known this before. This needs to be a more well-known fact.


  2. Olivia · November 28, 2008

    After the Bears lost the superbowl to the Colts, I saw some Bears Superbowl Champions (2006 or 2007?)hats, hoddies, and t-shirts at Kohl’s.

  3. Tyler · February 20, 2010

    I just got back from Papua New Guinea and I saw a woman wearing Ohio State national champions 2007 t-shirt. They lost to FL 41-14 that year.

  4. juan · April 2, 2010

    ya this is pretty cool i mean i just checked this out because i saw some tennessee titans superbowl shirts when they lost to the rams at the flea market .

  5. jeff · October 28, 2011

    This practice will cost some 3rd world genius a fortune one day on a tv trivia game show.

  6. compton · January 22, 2012

    What happens to the Wheaties boxes?

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