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Pop-Up Shops – Temporary T-Shirt Retail Locations

What if you could put a temporary retail store with your t-shirts anywhere you wanted and stay for an extended period of time or just long enough to sell limited edition t-shirts or raise awareness of your brand?

Popup Retail

Pop-Up shops can allow retailers to be in places that customers previous would never expect. Whether it is a for a big sports event, festival or other event you can reach a new audience.

Pop up shop

Some of these self-contained pop-up shops (VBOX) come equipped with an iMac and iPod HiFi. I emailed for a quote on the VBOX a few weeks ago just for kicks but they did not respond. I am sure its not cheap but could be a good opportunity for the right company.

Popup Shop

The 20′ W X 8′ D X 8′ H container stores designed by LOT-EK, weigh approximately 15,000 pounds fully loaded. This includes merchandise, IT equipment and the container itself. The Container Stores will arrive on a flatbed truck and lifted via a crane and placed onto the street.

Popup shop

UNIQLO, Japan’s most popular apparel retailer has shipping the cargo containers to New York and setting them up in various areas of New York including: West Village, NYU area, East Village, Upper West Side, Union Square, Upper East Side, Jones Beach, Cobble Hill Brooklyn, Coney Island. UNIQLO then sets up each container store with merchandise that varies based on the demographic of each neighborhood’s customers.

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