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18-1 Superbowl T-Shirts and the New England Patriots Trademark Comedy

Confident and cocky, the New England Patriots predicted a Superbowl win last Sunday after an amazing 18-0 season. They were so confident that they would be the first team to go 19-0 actually applied for the trademark “19-0” and “19-0 The Perfect Season” on Jan. 17th. But as we all know they lost to the New York Giants. When the New York Post heard that the Patriots applied for the 19-0 trademark the New York Post applied for a trademark 18-1.

Because the 19-0 phrase would be closely associated with the Patriots it seemed like a great idea for registration because it was an unusual feat. However, a trademark specialist Lee Curtis believes that if the Patriots had won it would have been difficult to prove that the Patriots were entitled to trademark protection because it is non-distinctive. It’s not clear if these trademarks are going to through but folks aren’t wasting time cashing in on the event.

The first 18-1 T-shirt design I saw showed up in my mailbox on Monday morning.

Busted Tees Superbowl

Later that day Zazzle posted on their blog featuring Superbowl themed 18-1 designs.
Zazzle Superbowl

Cafepress shopkeepers also were quick to poke fun at the loss.
Cafepress Superbowl

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  1. Steve Vera · February 9, 2008

    Hi folks!

    I’m so happy to see that it is 18-1 instead of 19-0. I know all along that the Patriots did not deserve the title of “The Perfect Team.” They almost lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, not a great team, in the regular season for heavens sakes!

    Steve :~)

  2. Blake · February 10, 2008

    Those are all funny. I don’t care for either team but I was glad to see the outcome…

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