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Red Bubble T-Shirt Review – Since when are T-shirts a Tasty Snack?

Red Bubble is an “art gallery and creative community” with t-shirts that are “designed by your neighbors”. You can submit or buy art on wall art, posters, t-shirts and greeting cards. Members can join groups and communicate with those who have similar interests. There really is some amazing stuff on the site and lots of features to talk about but today I really only talking about a recent t-shirt I ordered.

Red Bubble Homepage

You can browse over 700 different t-shirts from artists all around the world.

Red Bubble T-Shirts

I found a random shirt I liked

My Red Bubble T-Shirt

And guess what arrived in my mailbox?

Red Bubble Packaging

Inside the envelope was a t-shirt rolled up and held together with a sticker label.

Red Bubble T-Shirt Wrap

Here is a view from the side. As you can see there are more goodies rolled up inside the t-shirt.

Sife of Red Bubble Roll

Inside was sales propaganda and a set of chopsticks. Some might think its “cute” but personally I find it wasteful.

Red Bubble Chop Sticks

So here is a closeup of the sticker label that held the t-shirt in a sushi roll that included the designer and design name.

Red Bubble Label

And finally, below is the t-shirt “Surgery” that I ordered. Sorry about the differences in color my photographs were not very good this time. The shirt is American Apparel and quite nice. It is really hard to tell Red Bubble print quality when buying just a simple black text t-shirt but it looked good for what it was.

Red Bubble T-Shirt

My favorite part of the Red Bubble order/experience is how the recognize who the artist was and the name of the t-shirt. It would be great if they also added a link to the artists gallery to further give them the credit they deserve. Go check out Red Bubble for yourself and let us know what you think.

Red Bubble Logo

Written by T-Shirt Talk


  1. Steve Vera · February 4, 2008


    I went briefly to the website. Looks like a new print on demand fulfillment site. There are more and more of them each day!

    The sushi roll marketing ploy does not impress me.

    Steve :~)

  2. Natalie White · February 12, 2008

    Those people on Red Bubble are weird. It is full of teenagers and all they do is abuse your designs

  3. T-Shirt Talk · February 12, 2008

    What do you mean that Red Bubble abuses your designs?


  4. bubbler · May 27, 2008

    hmm – I’ve been on Red Bubble for several months and run 2 groups. I haven’t met any teenagers yet and I certainly haven’t seen anyone abusing anyone’s designs.
    As for the sushi roll – it’s kind of cute – trying to set themselves apart and be very “artsy”, but… I’d rather that money went back into the site – especially for ways to promote their contributors.

  5. turkeymonkey · June 13, 2008

    Anyone have feedback on how the more complex images last after a few washes? Some shirts look so great, but after 10 washes or so, look kinda sad.
    thanks if anyone has anything to say.

  6. T-Shirt Talk · June 13, 2008

    Do you have pictures of how the shirts look now? Did you wash your shirt inside out? I am not sure about the inks but they use the Kornit printers.


  7. Tatbox T-Shirts · July 27, 2008

    I love the packaging designs for those tees, they rock!

  8. Bub · November 9, 2008

    I love that site,
    I’ve found that the tees haven’t faded yet .
    I had them a few months and wear them frequently.
    I wash them inside out.

    I only wish there base price was a bit lower.

  9. laborashirt · May 11, 2010

    I love redbubble, they have good ideas
    Their website hasn’t change a lot since 2008

  10. wendy · October 16, 2010

    Redbubble has hardly changed at all in 3 years, just got a little bit bigger.

    It is a great site for artists, more than just print on demand

  11. Goldie · May 15, 2011

    Shame about the association with what Redbubble’s former attorneys called “pro-Hitler” merchandise

  12. Amber · May 24, 2011

    RedBubble has been dumped by its lawyers over RedBubble’s sale of pro-Hitler t-shirts

  13. Ben Wigley · October 10, 2011

    Red Bubble are the worse company that I have dealt with on the internet.

    I ordered a T-shirt with a picture of my car on it, which a friend of mine had drawn.

    The first order never turned up, after over a month of waiting I contacted Red bubble who told me to contact my local post office. I went and waited down the post office for 30 minutes one Saturday morning, only to be told that I had wasted my time and that the Royal mail would never hold onto my parcel if I had not had one of their calling cards. I then contacted Red bubble again who suggested that my local postman may have been at fault? My postman manages to deliver £100’s of car parts to my house every day with no problems, but cannot handle a £15 T-shirt?

    After nearly 2 months I contacted Redbubble again and told them that I was very unhappy. they finally agreed to resend the T-shirt. After nearly another month the T-shirt did finally turn up and the printing was so crooked that the T-shirt was only fit for the bin.

    I contacted Redbubble again who asked for pictures. I sent pictures to them and then THEY ASKED FOR MORE PICTURES?

    At this point I was so annoyed I went mad. I demanded my money back and told them to pick the piece of crap T-shirt up.

    After well over 3 months I finally got my refund and I still have the crappy, poor quality T-shirt that they had sent me.

    The customer service that I got from Redbubble was beyond bad. I would never dream of buying from them again.

    Take my advice, if you are an artist there are other websites that offer the same services but actually give a toss about their customers.

    Redbubble are a con, they use poor quality T-shirts and cant even print a design straight.

    Im sure that 100’s of people are happy with their products, but if you are an unlucky one like me then good luck in getting your money back.

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