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Emptees T-Shirts and Talk – Updates and the New API

You can’t beat tees and talk and that is what Emptees is all about. Right now it appears there about 400 designers and about 1700 total members.

Emptees Homepage

Talk is broken down into four types: general chit chat, hype which seems to cover folks self promotion of t-shirts and companies, and there is exchange, and news.

Emptees Talk

And don’t forget why we are here…the t-shirts. Members can submit a t-shirt design to Emptees and you can categorize it was 1. Finished. 2. Finished and tee is for sale. 3. Finished and artwork is for sale. 4. Not finished and I want critiques. There are almost 1,600 different t-shirts currently showcased on emptees. The designs aren’t for sale on emptees but on other t-shirt sites like Design by Humans, Red Bubble, Hot Topic and others. Emptees is a place to talk and critique but to buy you need to go to the source. Below an an image of how emptees catalogs the t-shirts.

Emptees T-Shirts

I love the way they have such large images of the t-shirt and design detail. No more straining your eyes to figure out what a design will look like before you buy it.

Emptees T-Shirt Detail

So the real reason I wanted to post today is to give updates on changes that were made to Emptees. Changes include new categories, option to buy artwork (without a t-shirt), close comments on your posts, and various design changes to the site. But the most important change I can see is the Emptees API. The API allows you to make tools to display the content from Emptees. Examples of what you can do include a Tee of the Day, a MySpace or Facebook application, or a way to showcase your portfolio. There is a slideshow example that you can check out. Go ahead and give the Emptees API a whirl and let us know what you think.

The strong community, clean design, and set makes it a great place to get feedback on your designs (before you submit to a t-shirt competition) and chat it up with other designers or t-shirt enthusiasts. Soo, what are you waiting for…go visit Emptees.

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