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A T-Shirt Model To Remember – SnorgTees Model Recognized by Millions

Becoming a t-shirt model might make you an internet star! Well, not usually but it has happened. Alice is a 19 year old has been modeling t-shirts for SnorgTees, a company started by her brother’s friends. If you haven’t seen her picture you probably don’t go very far on the internet. Over 500,000 folks click on her picture to visit Snorg Tees every month. Yes, 500,000 a MONTH! The monthly page views of her image are in the millions. That is a lot of attention for a company that offers only 100 different t-shirts.

In an interview with Alice she mentioned that she gets recognized in public (especially when she wears a Snorg T-shirt) and people come up and say they are a fan and she replies with a laugh and say “I just get pictures taken of me why are you a fan of me?”. What is classic is that the girl is just paid in free t-shirts according to the owner. If that is true, talk about taking advantage of hungry college students. SnorgTees is a 3 1/2 old company with eight employees and based in a suburb of Atlanta.

SnorgTees Girl

Source: AP Article


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