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Google Charity Gift Cards – Donate Money to Schools for T-Shirt Projects

A few days ago a package arrived from the Googledome in a basic white box packaging and it contained a very pleasant surprise.

Inside the box was layers of corrugated cardboard with a snowflake printed on one side.

Inside the packaging fit perfectly a envelope with a card and a small leather case.

The card reads: “Thank you for your partnership with Google this year. To show our appreciation, Google would like to support a public school classroom of your choosing through is a non-profit organization where you can choose a classroom project to bring to life-a reading corner, a field trip, a computer lab, or whatever inspires you most. When you redeem the enclosed gift code, you will give books, art supplies, technology, or other resources to students in low-income communities. Thank you for taking the time to help us give back” (partnership = PPC Adwords spending)

Then in another card is another “Thank You” as well as a $100 gift card to

After you feel good from donating there was also a small case with a 2gig USB card in the shape of a credit card. Unfortunately, mine didn’t work so I have no idea what type of Google propaganda was on it.

What is great about is that you can choose exactly where and what your money gets spent on. You can even set up alerts to get notified when there is a project that matches your desired criteria. That criteria might include subject, resources, cost to complete, grade levels, schools by region or city and way more. It really is an amazing system. No more donating to general organizations and wondering if your donation went to pay for toilet paper or an executives salary. Just for kicks I typed in “T-Shirt” and there were 20 PROPOSALS RELATED TO T-SHIRTS! There are probably more important projects than those related to t-shirts but hey we all love t-shirts so it always feels good to help others who have the same interests as us.

I am not sure how much Google donated in total to Adwords advertisers but this was a great way to spread the word about a great non-profit. Even if you didn’t get a gift card donating profits or personal funds is always a great habit (and tax deductible!). Visit to find out more

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