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Improved Cafepress Packaging – Part 1: Fancy Receipt Jackets

Customer surveys at Cafepress have shown that customers are happier about their order when everything is presented well. One of the components I am sure most t-shirt retailers and other companies have ignored are receipts. Personally, I can’t think of an online retailer that has made a receipt memorable. Until now Cafepress receipts have been similar to any other company with an 8×11 piece of paper. The actual receipt has changed in size to be like a department store receipt and also includes the product url which is really important when you offer as many products as Cafepress offers.

The receipt is in a “receipt jacket” that highlights a variety of designs and products to leave a lasting impression that Cafepress has diverse and unique products and gift ideas. Thanks to JGoode we have some pictures of the new receipts from her purchase of a mini-button.

Cafepress Receipt

Cafepress Receipt Inside

While it’s not going to guarantee that the receipt isn’t going to get thrown in the garbage once they get the product it may indeed improve a customers impressions of Cafepress and the shopping experience. A receipt is a little thing in the big picture but every little thing adds up to build an opinion of a company or the overall shopping experience. If you want to see a receipt for yourself go buy something at Cafepress.


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