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Design By Humans T-Shirt Order Review

My Design By Humans t-shirt order arrived and the packaging was like no other I have received when ordering a t-shirt. It was a silver lined on one side and a logo on the other side with areas that you can see through and actually see the t-shirts and stickers inside the package.

DBH Packaging

I didn’t realize at the time but both the shirts I bought were by the same artist Steven. The first was called Chaos came from the Ocean. The print is has areas that are shine and sparkle (in the hands).

DBH Ocean

The second shirt is called Citylife and is printed using specialty inks. The print is called by Design by Humans as “suede puff lines and foil highlights”. It really has quite a puffy texture.

City Life

The shirts themselves were soft, very thin and had kind of a tight fit. The soft/light feeling is pretty good but I found the neck to be wider than normal and not very tight. Personally I can’t stand it when the necks are all loose and show off my farmer tan neck. It feels like someone already pulled on the neck and its been worn a number of times. I am hoping the neck will tighten up with a wash.

Inside the shirt are printed labels with the following text:

“Designbyhumans – Large – Thank you for buying this unbelievably soft t-shirt from It was hand crafted from some of the finest cotton available to mankind. The artwork was created by one of our brilliant designers: Steven HUman #000201. Please take care of it. Take a picture in it. Wear it well & be a good human. Machine wash cold…..Shirt Made in Pakistan.”

DBH T-Shirt Label

It is great they highlight the artist and give them credit and give washing instructions but there are a few things that get on my nerves. First, a thank you is OK but don’t tell me your shirt is soft and wonderful. I am the customer, let me make up my own mind. You can say that on the web site but not on the shirt, that’s just stupid. Second, I haven’t seen the factory in Pakistan but I don’t think using the term “hand crafted” is the most accurate way to describe the creation of a t-shirt from cotton to t-shirt. Also, how many times do you need to print your company name/logo in the label? Three times seems excessive to me.

Also in the package were three Design by Humans logo stickers.

DBH Stickers

The order processing was really quick (makes me happy!). I ordered on 10/29/07 and received the shirts on 11/1/07. There are plenty of great designs to choose over at DesignByHumans and I encourage you to head over and find yourself a t-shirt or submit a design for the chance to win cash and fame.

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  1. Daniel · April 11, 2008

    Despite their growing popularity and competitor Do you think there is still room for another t-shirt giant?

  2. Tj · April 27, 2008

    I agree some of their designs are awesome, but I was really disappointed on receiving my first purchase (Sir Leopold III the Orinithologist) for the following reasons:
    1. The quality of the material used for the tshirt is REALLY substandard-certainly NOT ‘soft and wonderful’! I expected better for the amount I paid.
    2. The sizing is really odd, the shirt measures smaller (width) than advertised.
    3. The shape of the neckline is really wierd-wider on the sides and doesn’t fit the shoulders quite well-I’ve heard a few people complain about the same thing.
    4. They had some kind of delivery problem and took 4 days to respond to my query as to whether my shirt had shipped.
    Overall I wouldn’t buy from them again unless they underwent some kind of massive quality/service overhaul. I agree their designs are better than Threadless and really quite unique but since that’s about the only thing that the company doesn’t do itself I guess its self explanatory. . .

  3. t bates · May 5, 2008

    design by humans is horrible .They left shirts out of my order and didnt even address the issue! what company dosnt include part of the order and then ignore the email questioning the shipment! it has been a week and a half and i still havent heard anything back. they are crooks!

  4. tom · May 7, 2008

    Dont order from these bunch of clowns

    I placed an order on the 04/19/08 & have still not received it.

    I g=have e-mailed them 5 times now & have not got a response from them.

    stay away – amateurs!!

  5. Ryan · May 17, 2008

    I have placed two orders thus far with this company. I’ll detail both experiences.

    First order, three t-shirts with standard shipping. Shirts arrived as ordered. One of the shirts with an “all over” ink print was “sticky”. The ink was black and white on a green shirt. Several of the black portions had bleed into the white to create gray areas where there should be none. The other two shirts were as they should be.

    Second order was placed on April 24th for a single shirt. May 3rd I received a package addressed to me but with six medium sized shirts meant for the order before mine. A simple human error, it happens. I immediately placed an email to their returns and service addresses. No email reply was received on my part for 5 days. I then placed an email to their support address, this was replied to with an email from a Tom in their company who assured me I would receive my requested shirt as well as a 20 dollar credit to my account.

    I write this as of May 17th without my ordered product from April 24th. No tracking number has been emailed to me for my corrected shipment. I have once again emailed the support address in a last ditch effort to resolve my issues.

    Please be weary of placing orders. Should you receive your correct items, you are most likely to be a happy camper. If there are issues, you will not be.

    Also, be cautious of ordering “all over” printed items as the ink used in such shirts can bleed and be sticky upon arrival.

  6. Chelle · August 27, 2008

    First order: six shirts. Two returned due to incorrect size, no apologies were given. Love the designs and the fit, a few are my new favorites, but I won’t order again.

  7. Jaiks · January 13, 2009

    Ordered 6 t-shirts approx. 1,5 weeks ago. Got them today, in a nice (but rather small, I was surprised!) package. The order seems correct, right sizes and design.

    I took the full tracking option for delivery, since I live in Canada (and got fooled a couple of times by US/Canada Regular Postal services with fees and delays)

    I consider myself lucky, regarding the other people’s experience.

  8. Joan · April 28, 2009

    I ordered 24 T-Shirts in January 2009, Everyone of them were the right size and shirt, just made an order on April 2009 for 14 T-Shirts, I expect them to be the right size and everthing given the comments I’ve seen on this page.

    DBH has the best designs ever… Also Threadless and Beautiful Decay!

  9. frankmota · January 20, 2010

    Does anybondy know where to get your shipping bags custom printed like design by humans. Hit me up. email me at Thanks

  10. KK · November 21, 2010

    awesome!! thanks for posting this 3 years ago. it’s still helping in 2010! 🙂

  11. tom · December 25, 2010

    design has some innovative and very colorful designs. They are suffering from serious problems in two areas.

    I. Quality control.
    1. there is huge variation in the fit of their t shirts. Some fit loosely, others are skin tight. Some have narrow collars, others are very wide.

    2. The quality of the prints themselves varies wildly. Some are printed properly, others have errors due to sloppiness in alignment. Some prints are vivid, others sadly washed out.

    It’s impossible to predict what the shirt will look like or how it will fit, even when you order the same size, or based upon the images on their website.

    II. Customer service. It’s the worst I’ve encountered, aside from clear scam artists.

    Their customer service rep is flat out incompetent. She credited my account the wrong amount, by a significant amount. Follow up emails yield no fix. Emailing their management does not help either.

    And good luck trying to get them on the phone. I reached another business’s office when I tried to call.

    I could go on and on. Customer service is less than zero.


  12. Grimm · May 30, 2011

    Wow … I wish I had read this before I ordered from them. Somehow I missed these reviews. I just received my first shirt and am appalled with the quality of the material.

    The shirt is very thin, and loose. I do not expect this shirt to last very long. Maybe I’m just used to my years of wearing skateboarding shirts, which are top quality (but you pay out your ass for them).

    It’s sad really … DBH’s designs are great. The shipping is fast, but the quality let’s them down.

    I will not be ordering from them again.

    Now I just need my shirt.woot order to arrive!

  13. Lim · August 19, 2011

    Always been a fan from DBH and brought quite a few shirts from them. No doubt the quality of the print or shirt is not that good, unless you really hand wash them in order for the shirt to last long.

    In my previous and the FINAL LAST order, I received a defected shirt and was told that the prints are printed this way and that it’s part of the design!? How great can they be.

    I questioned them about the return shipping fee and they seems to ignore my question. So it’s obvious they are dropping me a hint that I still have to pay the return shipping fee myself. This is how bad the after-service is.

    Bye DBH, so what you have nice design? I’m sorry, but u did a bad job in the after-service.

  14. ANTOINE · April 6, 2013

    i am really unhappy, i ordered for the first time on DBH website, seduced by shirts designs, i received the order today and what the hell!

    Really poor printing, bad colors, more over i order a white shirt for my girlfriend and received it with many ink stains all around the design, looking like she ate with her feet, and making it unpossible to wear.

    I paid 22$ per shirt and it is a shame, this is just shirts which should be sold in the market for no more than 10$.

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