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Review of an InnerTee T-Shirt Purchase – The Good and Bad

Back in September I bought a t-shirt at Innertee and life got in the way and I am finally getting around to doing this review. Innertee allows artists to create art by "mixing" design elements. Artists can also submit their own elements to be submitted to the site and received credit anytime their art is using on a t-shirt. I believe InnerTee is working on a new version of their site (though not sure how extensive) so this review more about the t-shirt than the web site but there are a few things about the web site that did impact my shopping experience and final impression of the purchased t-shirt.

Below is the InnerTee homepage that includes featured mixes, links to community member pages as well as links to forum posts.

Because this was more about the t-shirt than the site I just found a simple t-shirt design to purchase as is. I found a pretty cool called Space Children by New Giraffe City. From the t-shirt/design detail page can buy it as it (what I did) or you can mix it which basically means you can move the design elements around on the t-shirt and other design elements if you are up to it. The price of the shirt is dependent upon how many design elements that are mixed onto the shirt. In this example the final price was $16.

One thing to note when you are browsing the site you can’t just find a shirt and buy it when browsing designs. When you do click add to cart nothing happens because you have to be signed in (but they don’t tell you that) If you signup or login THEN a cart button appears. Its ok to tell someone to sign in but when a user clicks add to cart but SOMETHING should happen. If I wasn’t intent on buying a shirt from Innertee I would left the site without buying anything.

So I bought the shirt above and the order was processed in 3 days and I ended up receiving it within 6 days or so. It arrived in basic plastic packaging by USPS First Class. One of the things I thought was a little weird was that I was charged $6.50 for basic USPS First Class shipping. It did not cost $6.50 to ship my t-shirt so why am I being billed for more?

So here is the t-shirt I received (Gildan). It looked great and the print quality (screenprint) was great. I can honestly say I was really pleased with the t-shirt and the print quality.

You can check out the print quality yourself below.

On the inside of the shirt they have a really cool tag that includes the Innertee logo, the size, care instructions as well as the company web site.

While I was happy with the final product the color of the shirt I received was NOT what I expected. When I made the original purchase I really thought I was buying a grey shirt. While it might just be my eyes, it doesn’t matter because there were no details on the web site about the color of the shirt I was purchasing. After I opened the package I decided to look to see what color it was online and it did have a greenish tinge. But the actual shirt wasn’t clearly grey or green, it was more brown/green. The order confirmation did not have the color of the shirt I ordered but it DID in the packing invoice. On the packing invoice it said the t-shirt was green. I still liked the shirt but work needs to be done on the descriptions as well as the pictures of the shirt to be as accurate as possible. (As a disclaimer, I am not a pro-photographer with fancy lights and the shirt color in my pictures is not perfect by any means BUT there really is a clear difference in the web and real version)


As far as extras in the package it did contain a unique novelty sticker that allows you to put the different design elements as stickers on the t-shirt sticker. Kinda cool but what will people actually do with it once the stickers are put on the shirt. But hey maybe a sticker enthusiast would have a different opinion.

InnerTee Review Summary

  • Order Processing: The order was processed in 3 days which I consider to be pretty good and what I would expect from any t-shirt company. [T-Shirt Ordered on 9/14/07, Shipped on 9/17, Received on 9/19]
  • T-Shirt Quality: I was pleased with the the Gildan t-shirt.
  • Print Quality: Screenprinting met expectations – looked great
  • Shipping: $6.50 is just too much to pay for one t-shirt.
  • Order Process: Ok but not clear how to buy anything if you aren’t signed in. Also, it was frustrating not to see more information on the t-shirt I was buying (see below).
  • Expectations: Color of the product was not as expected. I didn’t know what color of shirt I was buying and the color I received was slightly different from the web site.
  • Price: The shirt was $16. I don’t hesitate buying shirts I like between $15-20.
  • Packaging/Extras/Unique Elements: Basic mail package. Had a sticker that was unique but really only fun for 3 minutes. The shirt tag was very fun and unique and great to help customers remember where they bought the shirt.

InnerTee has a great concept with tremendous potential. They can print great shirts but the site itself needs to focus on customer experience and expectations. What are your experiences with InnerTee t-shirt purchases? Please let us know. Either way, we encourage you to check out InnerTee and mix it up.


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  1. Miles · November 6, 2007

    Thanks so much for taking the time to checkout the innerTee site and review our idea.

    Your points on color and shirt info. We are working on a redesign of the site and these issue should be taken care of.

    Again, thanks for the review and we love the feedback – we will keep working to make it better!

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