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What does 2800+ Spreadshirt logo submissions look like?

Over the past seven or eight weeks or so we have been providing reviews and collages of all of the submitted logos over at the Spreadshirt Open Logo Project. It has a been a fun contest to watch and I think it safe to say the contest was a success with over 2800 submissions. It is no easy process to to agree as a group on which ones should move on to the finals and which ones to sink. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Spreadshirt staff suddenly realized reviewing logos would be a full-time job. Some awards have been handed out (Frank Pillers Innovation Award & Branded Prize) but the big ones are yet to come. We will feature all the winners on t-shirt talk but not today. I just wanted to post this little image that contains every submission into OLP to congratulate those who made it to the finals out of over 2000 entries. Oh and if you didn’t win, well it might be because there was just a little competition…can you tell?

OLP Final

It’s just a thumb folks cause hey there is no room in a blog for 2000 logos at 1.6″x 1.2″ but you can once again check out the almost full sized logos on our weekly summary collage page.

Today is the day we find out the winners. Make sure and visit the OLP at 7pm to find out the top 3! For now, sit tight and get excited cause the prizes have arrived and Adam has reassured us this contest is real!

Oh and soak in this old Spreadshirt logo cause it is going bye-bye soon. It’s soooo 2007.


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  1. adam · October 27, 2007

    Thanks t-shirt talk its been great reading your reviews over the contest. If its been a success it because people like you and sites like this have adopted it and made it so fun to be involved in!

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