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Bestee – New Threadless Awards with over $100,000 in Cash Prizes

Threadless made a pre-announcement that they are going to start giving out annual prizes as part of an Threadless Award “ceremony”. There is no date set for this year but the winners for 2007 will be announced in Janurary or February of 2008.

What would an award ceremony be without a trophy of some sort? Well, it is supposed to be something like this elephant below that is giving her stamp of approval.


So here is the crazy part! There will be 10-20 Bestee categories that will share a around $100,000. That means each winner from various categories such as “Most Groundbreaking Design” to “Best Gallery Photo” to “Most Dedicated Blogger” will win somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 each (assuming equal breakdown)! There are no details yet about how the breakdown of winnings will be but my bet is that no matter what happens if you win you will be stoked with the cash as well as your Bestee the elephant trophy.


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