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Zazzle Partners with MySpace to Allow Musicians (maybe others) to Sell T-shirts

MySpaceMySpace and Zazzle have teamed up to offer the opportunity for musicians/bands to sell t-shirts with their logo using Zazzle fulfillment. The Silicon Alley Insider (found on Mashable) suggest that the deal is really centered around music but it doesn’t make sense why they would limit themselves to just the musicians. We will learn more about how it will all work at the Digital Hollywood conference in L.A. at the end of this month. This type of deal could bring in an ton of sales for Zazzle and reach a previously undeserved market. My only question would be whether Zazzle fits the profile of the type of company that indie musicians want to work with. Zazzle has indeed changed their image slightly by highlighting shirts other than their licensed Disney goods but does it have the edge? The Silicon Alley Insider also stated that Zazzle might have received another $60 million in funding but it hasn’t been confirmed.


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