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What Does One Million Threadless T-Shirts Look Like?

We posted yesterday about how Threadless completed its 1 millionth order and about the lucky fellow who won a fabulous prize of t-shirts and I got to thinking about how much is a million. There are a number of sites that have interesting ways to see what a million is visually but I don’t have enough space here to show you 1 million dots or anything close to that. However I did find an image of what 1 million pennies looks like:

1 Million Pennies (image source)

Now, in your mind take every one of those pennies from the image and convert it into individual t-shirt orders (i.e. probably 1-5 shirts per order on average).

Threadless vs. Penny

So yea, it is a lot of t-shirts. Coming next, how much cotton to make 1 million t-shirts.


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