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Spreadshirt Open Logo Project – End of Week 7 – Grand Finalist Review

The Spreadshirt Open Logo project has entered its voting stage. After about 2800 submissions the contest has been narrowed down to just 13 entries though Spreadshirt has threatened to add more (see SpreadBlog). But first there were two finalists for week 7. Its not clear if these two are finalists or GRAND finalists. We will probably know tomorrow.

OLP Week 7 Finalists

Now, onto the Grand Finalists. There are some logos from the a corporate feel to very indie. It really will say a lot about the company and what direction they plan on going based on which one they choose. Check em out below…

OLP Grand Finalists

Bubble label theme or message isn’t clear enough for me. it looks like some strange circle sunflower and it is impossible to read the text “Your own label”. The concept is good and might work for a marketing campaign but not as a logo.

Your Own Logo – is original but loses its shining power around the rest of the submissions. I know Spreadshirt wanted a logo that could be modified and changed and it doesn’t seem like this one really has that edge.

Play with forms – I discussed it before and it is still one of my favorites. Not so much the logo used as the example but the way Spreadshirt can play with all sorts of forms as part of their logo. Spreadshirt is about bringing ideas and people together and this definitely meets that message.

Universal language – We discussed this before and basically it would be great for an indie clothing company.

Pop your Collar – Another one of my favorites because its very brandable and suprisingly I have never seen anything like it for a t-shirt company.

Spreadshirt Tm is ok but for some reason always reminds me of the old Microsoft windows logo. I like the idea of the blank inside because it has the message of “your label” on the shirt. Because the “Label” part of the logo really should be more about the t-shirt than a price or hanging tag interpretation of a label.

Think Spreadshirt_update – I do like this one and has a nice retro feel to it with the brandable t-shirt thought box.

Lovetab – Again, the label concept should be more focused on a shirt rather than a price tag/hanging label. It is a great logo though and wouldn’t mind seeing it win. It would be really easy to change the label with different text making it a fun logo to have in different places.

Labelheads – Just an all around fun (but brandable) design and would be really easy to mix up for different holidays, occasions or promotions. I like the idea of components of a logo changing for different occasions and thats why I would like to see this one go all the way.

LabelSpread – Again I am not sold on the use of a label as a price tag and a flat t-shirt that got run over by a truck isn’t really exciting for me. It really doesn’t say much about the company and isn’t really a strong brand icon.

Label Cut Hole – Umm, not sure whats going on with this or why it made it to the grand finals. Let’s just leave it at that.

Tag Your Brand – This one with the label works for me. It is clean, clear and gets the point across. It’s more clear that “Your Label” is your “brand” rather that a price tag label.

LabelRange is a nice design but again, too much label and not enough shirt. I like the use of color but its not at the top of my list.

Congratulations to all the finalists and good luck in the final days that are dedicated to voting. It wasn’t an easy road to be 13 our of 2800+ designs.

And don’t forget to check out all the entries for week 7 by clicking the image below. My warning needs to get stronger about the page load time for this bigger pic as it is 7 weeks of logos! But check it out.


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  1. adam · October 18, 2007

    They’re the two new grand finalists from this week, so we have 15 now in total. Nice review and great work as always on the collages!

  2. ikou · October 18, 2007

    im the creator of bubble label. I want to defend my point of view:)

    The concept is good but message isnt clear enough? i don’t know how make “shirt speaking” in a more simple&generic way. its strange because many criticism says “it is too much simplistic & generic it is not a logo” 🙂 yes it is maybe a sunflower for the the first time viewer :

    Logo is not marketing? what is a logo? there is a handbook somewhere, you should read this comment :
    My approach was not to make a logo, the finalist version is maybe bubblelabel v1.2 or v1.3 you should read as a platform for visual identity& communication. certainly it will not change your opinion but open your mind about the the majority (designers or not) you think a logo should be a logo with a strong and untouchable identity.

    there is another example with “a child play”

  3. T-Shirt Talk · October 18, 2007

    ikou, Thanks for your comments. You bring up a good point about defining what a logo is or should be. I am sure there are a wide range of opinions on the subject. In this case, it appears our definitions seem to be different. I really do like the idea of a shirt with something to say or a talking or thinking shirt I just don’t think this particular logo because it is not clear enough to get across a message. Maybe if it was a more dominant so it was easier to see it would be easier for people to understand what it is or what the message is. I just don’t think viewers should have to squint to figure out what the message is.


  4. MuamerDESIGN · October 18, 2007

    Hey You must check the updated version of this logo and let me hear your comments than:
    Here is the link:

    Dont judge only on the thumbnails :)))

    Thank You!

  5. ikou · October 19, 2007

    yes its a good comment Muamer, thumbnails are reductive.

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