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Spreadshirt Open Logo Project – End of Week 6

The Spreadshirt Open Logo Project is slowly winding down with the close of week 6 (only 1 week to go!). The contest has obviously made a few folks happy (i.e. the finalists) but I am sure its very disappointing to all those who have not had their logo chosen. But that is the nature of any competition. There really were a couple of remarkable logos submitted this week as well as some so-so ones.

Week 6 Shortlist

Two of my favorite designs so far are #2 and #5. Number 2 represents the t-shirt in a way that I have not seen a t-shirt company logo do yet. It has a very classic “Branded” look that is clean, simple and intriguing at the same time. For Number 5, “Play with Forms” it isn’t just that logo that I have posted, its the entire concept that is awesome. The use of forms to create a t-shirt really brings forward the connections of ideas and people in the creation of t-shirts. Number 1 and 3 are attractive logos but with all the competition just don’t have the creative edge that some of the other designs have. I know the Spreadshirt slogan is “Find your label” but as we mentioned last week I really don’t care for the tag dominant logos because physical tags are irrelevant in the online t-shirt world. It just doesn’t click with me.

Number 7 is unique but something doesn’t work for me with the partial S and I don’t get the choice of a half circle. As for number 4, its interesting but it doesn’t have a message, it just looks like an artsy logo. My issue is that customers aren’t going to get what the artist built the logo on. If you check out the post on the “universal language logo” on the development of the logo, but I don’t think looking at the logo is self-explanatory which is a problem. You don’t want to have a logo that you have to explain to people “Oh are logo is built on principles of building blocks blah blah”. Just make a logo that is clear in its message that doesn’t need to be explained.

So I thought the wildcard winner was hilarious but after thinking about it a while I realized that another company we all know very well has used a similar nude slogan. I know the logo isn’t similar but the phrase/concept is essentially the same. Also, Spreadshirt isn’t primarily selling underwear like is shown in these logo examples, they sell t-shirts.

OLP Wildcard

As usual all the submissions for week 6 are below,

Open Logo Week 6

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  1. P.S. · October 8, 2007

    Yea… All submissions for this week…

    All but mine…


  2. T-Shirt Talk · October 9, 2007

    Yours is missing from the collage or as a winner?

    T-shirt talk

  3. P.S. · October 9, 2007

    I am kidding…
    Missing from te collage and from the week 6th review generally.
    Well, doesen’t matter. I’ll post it again for this last week… and if it happens again… I’ll knew the answer.

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