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WI-FI T-Shirt Review and Ramblings about Dynamic Shirts

ThinkGeekThink Geek announced they will soon be selling a Wi-Fi Detector T-shirt. Of course we want easier ways to finding wifi but…how fun is making your t-shirt more useful that self-expression and covering your body? The new shirt is selling for $29.99 and the bars of the front glow and light up in waves when it finds a IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g network in range. It will not distinguish between open and private signals but the stronger the WI-FI signal the brighter the shirt bars are. It seems there is WI-FI everywhere these days and so the shirt is probably always lighting up.

WIFI T-Shirt

If for some reason you get excited about this read the washing instructions and think about it again:

1. Carefully peel animated decal from front of T-Shirt
2. Unplug ribbon connector behind decal and remove decal
3. Unplug battery pack and remove it
4. You can leave the ribbon cable inside the shirt
5. Machine wash gentle cycle on cold
6. Hang to dry

Of course its not practical. Of course its too much work. Of course it won’t make you cool. So why did I post about it? BECAUSE, I love the idea that there are outside influences that alter your t-shirt design on the fly. The only other example I can think of was the old shirts that changed based on the amount of heat.

Color Changing T-shirtSo if you put your hand on someones chest it would leave a hand print. So I tried to find one of those heat sensitive t-shirts to take a walk down memory lane and I did find it on Do you Remember and on Wikipedia. You can even buy color changing fabric at Body Faders Dyenamic. Other shirts don’t rely upon being touched by a body part, you can simply wear them out in the sun. Below are a few examples of t-shirts that change when they are worn in the sun.

Color Changing T-shirts

If you are aware of any other types of t-shirts that CHANGE as a result of outside elements please let us know.

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