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ShirtCity launches T-Shirt Design Competition Voting Site – Scribtee

ShirtCity launched a sister site (but on the same domain) Scribtee that is a t-shirt competition with $500 awarded bi-monthly. Voting is open for for each design for two weeks by members of Scribtee and Shirtcity. How the winners will be chosen is not exactly clear due to conflicting information on the ShirtCity/Scribtee web site. On the Scribtee “participate page” it states that designs will be chosen based on rating, comments and whether or not they like it. In the contest rules it states “the winner is decided by the design rating”. There is a BIG difference in designs getting printed based on community votes and that of the ShirtCity staff choosing images to they will need to clarify those details soon.


Scribtees are printed only on fair-trade/eco-friendly t-shirts made by by Continental and American Apparel. Printing will be Screenprinting and limited editions. They mentioned in an email that shirts from Scribtees are supposed to of higher quality than that of ShirtCity and going to be done by The regular ShirtCity site will still use digital print, flex, or flock.

Read more about Scribtee and the Scribtee products.


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