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Win a Year of Free T-Shirts from for Promoting the Open Logo Project

Open Logo ProjectSign me up! I wouldn’t mind a year supply of t-shirts. As part of the Spreadshirt Open Logo Project one lucky person may win the community prize which is 100+ LaFraise t-shirts. You will receive one of EVERY LaFraise t-shirt printed for an ENTIRE YEAR. That is a LOT of t-shirts.

How do you win this uber-prize? Well, you need to participate and contribute to the Open Logo Project. LaFraiseIt really is a thanks to someone who makes a real contribution to the OLP community and you don’t need to enter a logo to win. The community prize is really open as to who might win such a contest since its really up to the discretion of the OLP staff. Potential winners might be for being a Top Commentator. Currently, Pascalphilly is leading the pack with 100+ comments. Also, we were very honored to be mentioned as a potential candidate because we have created collages of each weeks design submissions (oh and yes, we hope we win!). It isn’t nominated to being the top commentator or anything else, it really is open. So you can nominate anyone you want for this award. Simply post as a comment any ideas for potential winners.

To follow some of our discussion on t-shirt talk or the logo collages please check out some of our posts (End of Week 1, End of Week 2, End of Week 3, End of Week 4). OLP Introduction). Free T-ShirtsIt will probably be a tough job to choose the biggest contributor so maybe they might offer the prize to more than one OLP supporter. If you think the collages are good contribution please don’t hesitate to give cred on the OLP blog. Any support would be greatly appreciated!


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