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Pimp the Zazzle Logo Design Contest

Zazzle Logo ContestI understand that Zazzle has been undergoing a large renovation of their web site and services (see our post on the Zazzle facelift) but it seems a little funny that five weeks into Spreadshirt’s Open Logo Project (that has openly showed to be a success), Zazzle they decide to hold their own logo contest. I am not against Zazzle doing a logo contest but you have to wonder how companies make decisions based on what they see their competitors do. Regardless of the connection between Zazzle and Spreadshirt, community design contests are always a great idea when administrated correctly. Everyone LOVES to win prizes and fame and contests build community as well as raise awareness of your company and bring new people and followers to participate in your community.

Open Logo ProjectSpreadshirt has obviously shown success in their logo contest with over 1000 entries and even more importantly the attention of designers from different walks of the web. Where do you think all those logo designers will go after they are done with the logo contest? LaFraiseUm, its obvious, Spreadshirt has been using the Open Logo Project to send the designers to their new t-shirt competition site they acquired a few months back. The 10K or so they are spending in prize money is pocket change compared to what they will gain in PR, acquisition of new contest designers at LaFraise and new Shopkeepers on The whole process really is brilliant.

In all fairness, Zazzle’s logo contest isn’t exactly the same as Spreadshirt. Basically, Zazzle already has a logo but is looking to find ways to modify their current logo. Personally, I really like the Zazzle logo but it really doesn’t necessarily get across the everything that Zazzle is or is to become. So Zazzle’s contest is to take the EXISTING logo and modify what surrounds or encompasses the logo. Below is one of the entries and is probably the best but there really aren’t many to look at or get to excited about yet. It is day only day two and there are about 18 submitted designs so we will check back in a few days. If you are hardcore you can watch the logos daily by searching for the Zazzle tag ZazzleLogoContest2007.

Zazzle Logo Entry

All Zazzle “Pimp our Logo” contest entries must be received by 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, October 18, 2007. If you win you will receive a Wacom Cintiq – Digital Drawing Tablet ($2,500 value). Second place will win $1000. Third place gets $500 and honorable mentions get $25 in Zazzle gift certificates.

The judges will be Sonya Paz (Vice President of the Artist Guild of San Francisco) and Von Glitschka (Illustrative Designer) of, Inc. The judges will evaluate each entry based upon the following criteria: a) thematic relevance; b) quality of image (clarity and composition); and c) creativity d) popularity of product (as determined by votes, ratings, comments page views and purchases).

What is weird about this contest is that they don’t say specifically that they will USE the logo as their official logo. It just says they want to see what you can do about mixing their logo and putting it on products. The wording on the contest description implies that they are just fishing for branding ideas but not sure if they will really use it as the actual logo. That is fine but I think they should be more specific about the purpose and the end result besides the prizes. Some folks want more than just a wacom tablet, they want fame and credit. It’s not clear what fame or credit there will be. I also find it a little weird that there are only two judges. While I am sure that Sonya and Von are fabulous artists but why have a COMMUNITY contest that is decided by two individuals.

You can check out the Zazzle Pimp our Logo Contest rules and view the Zazzle Logo Entries.


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  1. Josh · September 29, 2007

    Thanks for the nice post! Definitely interesting timing 🙂 We started this project well before we had heard of the Spreadshirt logo project, and we’ve been really excited to follow their project’s success so far. And we’re just starting to get the word out – look for more in the next week or two.

    Our contest is definitely different. We’re excited about our logo and new design – and in this contest, we’re looking for designers to take our logo and create some really cool products that incorporate our logo and brand.

    We’ll take the winners and feature them strongly in our official Zazzle store that we’re putting together – and the designers of the products will continue to make royalties on the sales!

    We think it is a pretty unique contest around merchandise beyond just a straight logo design. Have fun!!!


  2. T-Shirt Talk · September 29, 2007

    Thanks for the response Josh. I agree it is very different and fun but I have a few questions. So is the goal to create Zazzle brand products? How many people are really looking to buy products with the word Zazzle on them? Is the goal just to have people competing to win a prize or something bigger? I guess I am slightly confused as to the end goal.


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