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Spreadshirt Open Logo Project – End of Week 4

It was a crazy week and I was unable to work but my helpers got these images ready days ago but unfortunately it took me until today to get them uploaded live. But we are on top of week 5 and they should be ready tomorrow (Saturday) if all goes well. Anyway, Spreadshirt has soooo much momentum in the Open Logo Project with tougher and tougher choices to make each week. Each week Spreadshirt receives even more entries that it made it really hard for the staff to keep up (see Spreadshirt Backlog).

Here are the finalists from week four and my opinions on each.

OLP Week 4 Finalists

My favorites this week are definitely #1, #3, and #6 but each one has a both positive and negative aspects to them. Number 2 looks too much like a pencil to me and if its supposed to be a wacom tablet pen its not clear to me and wacom pens are not mainstream enough to be a part of a brand. It has the trendy web 2.0 look but not a logo for a company that wants to be around a while as a global brand. Number has a very classic looking and really could be a great logo but does it have enough pizazz? Number 4 just has too much going on and I really don’t like seeing Spreadshirt on two lines because its one word, not two. Number 5 is interesting and has a place on an indie t-shirt site and is interesting but really does not say anything about what Spreadshirt is or really distinguish it from other t-shirt sites. Number 6 is great because of the illusion effect of the hands and the shirt. It is very creative and caught my eye. My question would be do you want a logo where people see different things? Also, I am not a big fan of the “tag” on most of these designs. When you buy a shirt a Spreadshirt or online it doesn’t come with a tag so why should one be put on the logo. It’s not a retail business. Also, the type of tags many of the people have used in the contest are price tags and not information tags. What does having a price tag on your logo say about your business? Are you inexpensive? expensive? or what? Number 1 is interesting because it takes a very classic look almost to the point of generic but it has the subtle look of t-shirts. I think there is potential with this logo but I would like to see it with more definition in the t-shirts so it does not appear so generic.

You can check out a small mosaic of the Spreadshirt logos submitted on week 4 below or click on it for the larger version but as we have mentioned before please beware that the files are rather large and may take a bit to load but its worth it to see ALLLL the Spreadshirt entries in one place.

Spreadshirt Open Logo Project Week 4

For more info you can check out Spreadshirt, the Open Logo Project, a discussion on Week 4 finalists and information on Week 5 entries (we will post a summary like this for week 5 tomorrow).

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