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Spreadshirt Open Logo Project – End of Week 3

Wow, it is getting tough for our helpers to keep up creating these mosaics of Spreadshirt logos. It seems Spreadshirt has had a massive traffic surge for the contest and is getting flooded with potential logos. There were a ton of entries (300++) during week 3. You can check out the archive at Spreadshirt or we have a mosaic of all the entries from JUST week 3 below and if you have a decent internet connection you can click it to see the much larger image. But first, here are the finalists for week 3.

OLP Week 3

So those above are the finalists but what about ALL the others that were submitted? Here they are…

OLP Week 3

If you haven’t fallen over or gotten tired of looking at Spreadshirt logos from the end of week 3 you can keep on checking out entries from Week 4 and check out weekly updating finalists page.

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  1. adam · September 21, 2007

    Great work as always with the collage! Yep, big traffic surge this week 🙂

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